Neo, the One

When I was single, I would bring my camera out on dates just in case I saw something interesting at the restaurant or park, wherever my date was taking me.  When I would stop to take a photo, the date would ask me with a scowling face, “why are you taking a photo of that?”, and I would know right away they weren’t the one for me.  Then, four years ago, I met Clive, a nerdy British guy with a love for music, travel, and bad puns.  When I stopped to take a photo, he would look at me and say “Here, let me hold your jacket so you can get the shot”.  He was just as excited to see what I had gotten.  Couldn’t wait to get the film back from the lab.  Planned our dates to interesting places that he thought I would like visually.  He was Neo, the one.  Not only has he held my jacket or camera bag so I can crawl under a fence, he’s trekked with me up mountains, crossed oceans, and roamed with me down unfamiliar streets with the same excitement and sense of wonder that I used to hide from others.  He’s my Sherpa, my friend, my traveling companion, and the love of my life. He is the reason I write this blog today. 

I love you Clive.