Kidding Around

Childhood is a time of discovery, wonder, and unlimited imagination.  Unlike adults, they have no problem expressing their feelings. Excitement, joy, sadness, or even bordem are all out in the open. No filters.  It’s a time when you can wear clothes covered in cartoon characters and no one bats an eye. A time when asking a silly question gets smiles and a pat on the head. Ice cream tastes better, candy is like crack, and the sight of a playground brings uncontrolled joy.  There are no bills to pay, you don’t follow politics or world news, and the biggest stress you have is hoping not to be picked last for kickball.

Maybe that’s why I get such a kick out of kids.  They are inherently free.  They haven’t let the world encroach on their spirits yet, and joy shines from their faces like a beacon on a cold, foggy night.